Swamiji Thavayogi Thangarasan Adigal
This saint-Thavayogi  Thangarasan Adigal-has been held from poor weavers family. From the beginning of his life itself, Swamiji has attracted with sidhas path and studying sidhas ancient palm leaves. After particular stage swamiji left his family and followed sidhas path. He was passing his life by doing “Thavam” nearly 8 yrs at sidhas pilgrimages. Finally he stayed at Kallar for attainment-at the time lord agastiar blessed to start this aashram
Mathaji Sarojini
After Swamiji Thavayogi Thangarasan Adigal left the world, Matha Sarojini took over his spirit and continuously serving to the people. Mathaji and the Ashrama continuously serving ancient sidha’s practices with the blessings of the Swamiji Thavayogi.

Kindly make your contribution to build Sri Agathiyar GnanaPeeda Thiruppani Thirukovil.

Shree Agathiyar GnanaPeeda Thiruppani

Dear Spirutualites,
Kallar Hills – a holiest place despite its natural beauty and is believed to be the livelihood of Shree Agathiyar and Lord Muruga. An another holistic milestone to the place is the “Penance” which has been practiced over centuries by “Thavaseelan, Magayogi, Thavayogi Thangarasan Adigalar” and the founder of “Shree Agathiyar Gnanapeedam. The former being believed to be the constructor who built the foundation for spiritual thoughts among individuals across the universe. With all the blessings from Maha Guru’s and Spiritual fraternity it has been decided to raise a “Maha Sepulchre” for our MagaYogi.
To all the realistic spiritual followers across the globe here comes an opportunity to shower your joy and prove your generousness in love for our “Maga Yogi”. It’s our humble and holistic request to you all to help us build the “Maha Sepulchre” by providing financial support through Cash or materials for raising the “Maha Sepulchre” and gain the blessings of our “MagaYogi” and other spiritual Gurus.
“Those followers who whole heartedly donate for their Gurus will be living a truthful and holistic life in the earth” said by Avvaiyar – Poet who dedicated her whole life time for the development and spreading the importance of tamil literature.

Dear Spiritual Scholars
Saga Sri Agathiyar meditated at the foothills of Ooty, near Mettupalayam kallar. The place name became “Agasthiya Vanam” in kallar. Agathiyar himself written this information in one of his book named Agathiyar 12,000 fifth kaanda’s 331st verse, Based on this Swamiji Thavayogi Thangarasan Adigal founded Agathiyar Gnana Peedam On 03.07.2018 Swamiji left out of his physical body, nowadays blessing people in the astral form(aroopam-soroopam).
Achievements & Activities
Branches all over tamilnadu, maleya, Singapore. Conducting world sidha conferences all over the world once per 2 yrs. As a councilor swamiji conducted 1st and 2nd world conferences about the sidhas philosophy all over the world.
This aashram is for serving the poor tribal people, who are all around the aashram. Daily feeding for poor people childrans. Educating the poor by providing the school uniform, note-books, bags etc.
Each year in order to celebrate the birth day of sage agastiar (Aailya natchatram-3rd stage)-We celebrating “GURU POOJA”. Each month-prayer being held on full moon and dark moon days.
Agathiyar Gnana Peedam Advantages
Therapeutic Yoga
Therapeutic Yoga is basically a system of self-treatment. According to yogic view, diseases, disorders and aliments are the result of some faculty ways of living.
Abdominal Disorders
All Such of troubles that disturb the normal functioning of the digestive system have been termed here as abdominal disorders.
The process of curing diabetes through Yoga. We know that diabetes is a very old disease and millions all over the world suffer from it.
Astuma is popularly known in our country as Dama. The main trouble in this disease is breathlessness.
Arthritis (Joint Pain)
Arthritis is a disease of the joints. The people suffering from this disease have a burning feelings, terrible pain and aching in their joints.
Obesity is now becoming a worldwide health hazard. Millions of people, male and female of every age, are carrying excessive extra weight on their bodies which they should not carry.
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