Asthma is popularly known in our country as Dama. The main trouble in this disease is breathlessness. They breathless condition of the patient is caused by the disorder and bronchial spasm in the respiratory system.

The most common symptom of this disease is that the patient feels difficultly in breathing. There is strain in exhaling the air. The asthmatic has to try hard for just getting a breath. In serve cases, the life of the patient becomes miserable and it makes him almost invalid. In medical term the complicated condition of asthma is called Emphysema.

Asthma is mainly a disorder of the bronchioles. There is constriction of the bronchioles which disturbs the normal ratio of inspiration and expiration. Because of congestion of the blood vessels of the bronchial lining the expiration begins to get prolonged and difficult.

Pranayama and Asanas:

The selection of pranayama and asanas is made according to the need of the body in this disease. As already mentioned above, the disease is primarily of the lungs and the respiratory system. Therefore, the pranayama   and  asanas have to be so selected as their practice would restore the normal health of the lungs and the whole of the respiratory system. keeping this aim in view the following pranayama and asanas are recommended.

Ujjayeee Pranayama:

Ekpadauttan Asana; Tara Asana; Yoga Mudra; Ushtra Asana; Simbha Asana; Sarvang Asana; Matsya Asana; Padma Asana and Shava Asana.