We know that diabetes is a very old disease and millions all over the world suffer from it. Though there are variations in the symptoms and nature of this disease, its common feature is the excessive sugar in the blood and it passing out with the urine of the sufferer. This excessive accumulation of sugar in the blood is caused by the malfunctioning of the pancreas.

Diet For Diabetics:

It is important for the persons suffering from diabetes to avoid fried, fatty, spicy, starchy and sugar containing food. For a period of four months from the date of starting Yoga practices, the diabetic patients should not taken rice, potato, banana, grapes, oranges, mangoes grams (ankurita chana), cheese or chhena. They can take an apple a day. The non-vegetarian can add small quantities of fish, liver and quantities of fish, liver and egg in their diet but should avoid meat or chicken for a few months.

A diet-chart for the diabetes is given below:

Breakfast (7 to 9 A.M)

(i) Apple – One or half or tomato juice (1 cup)

(ii) Germinated grams (ankurit channa -1/4 cup)

(iii) Whole-wheat bread or chapatti (two-three pieces) with vegetables: or wheat Dalia: or corn flakes with milk.

(iv) Egg-one (boiled, poached or scrambled)

(v) Tea or coffee-one cup(if preferred) without sugar.

Lunch and Dinner (12 to 2 P.M & 6 to 8 P.M)

(i) Salad(a mixture of cucumber, tomato, lettuce, radish, and some other green vegetables to be taken with either some salad dressing or salt, pepper and some lemon juice)

(ii) Soup (vegetable soup or any other kind)

(iii) Wheat bread

(iv) Pulse (moong, masoor, channa)

(v) Saag (leafy vegetables of any kind)

(vi) For Non-vegetarians-preferably fish or liver.

Afternoon Refreshments (3 to 4 P.M.)

(i) Apple -half, or few slices of papaya, or guava.

(ii) Salted biscuits

(iii) Cheese-a few slices, Or channa Ghughani

(iv) Tea or Coffee (if desired) without sugar.